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10/10/23 – Producer: Jack Fridthjof
Silas Fridthjof
Hello my name is Kenneth Fridthjof, I am happy to introduce Silas 10 years old. Silas, is 10-years old born in 2013 and has already made quite a name for himself in Denmark. He is ranked number 1 in his age group in the country, and his talent has not gone unnoticed. Many Danish coaches have already recognized Silas's immense talent, with some even saying that he may have more potential than the Danish tennis sensation Holger Rune.

The famous Argentine coach Carlos Rodriguez has already spoken about Silas's incredible potential, he expects great things from the young player in the future. Silas has also been selected for the Danish U12 national team, even though he is only 10 years old.

We are seeking sponsors and investors to support Silas . Any support or partnership will enable Silas to train, travel, and compete at the highest level.

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